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Wrestling Observer Radio: Madusa interview, plus the news

Dave Meltzer and I are back for a new Wrestling Observer Radio going over all the news in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter before bringing on Madusa to talk about her new book, "The Woman Who Would Be King."

Dave and I talked about the following:

  • AEW business and the Dynamite rating
  • Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks
  • WWE and Fox
  • John Cena's availability

Then, Madusa joined us to talk about her book. Some of the things we discussed:

  • Being a pioneer for women's wrestling
  • Going to Japan and missing it
  • The culture shock of coming back to America
  • Being one of the boys and that possibly not being a good thing
  • How writing felt like peeling back an onion
  • The strategy involved in writing her story
  • Being let go by WWE and broken promises in WCW
  • Ronda Rousey's rise in MMA and pro wrestling
  • Not doing interviews during #MeToo

The video version of this show is available for paid video subscribers at video.f4wonline.com.

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