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Wrestling Observer Live: WWE gambling song, Ruby Soho promo analysis

It's Saturday and that means Wrestling Observer Live with myself, Jim Valley.

We got another #becauseofthefans promo this week on AEW Dynamite from Ruby Soho, but let's analyze and decide if it indeed qualifies as #becauseofthefans. 

Gambling and WWE made headlines this week as they are making inroads to having legalized betting on matches in select U.S. states.

Everyone is asking the obvious questions, but nobody is asking the most important question: what would Kenny Rogers say? Let's answer that question in song with vocals by Matthew Lindley (aka Matthew Lindley on Bandcamp) 

Plus, let's talk Rey Mysterio to the WWE Hall of Fame, a new sponsor, and more.

This is a very fun show, so check it out.

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