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Wrestling Observer Live: WWE Draft & a new World title, record books

Join me for the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Live as I look back on a newsworthy week while looking ahead to another one.

Roman Reigns was drafted to WWE SmackDown Friday and I ask the question of how long he should hold the Universal title with the 1000-day mark approaching. I also discuss the importance of having a modern day generational champion in WWE.

The WWE Draft is currently underway and will conclude on Monday. I give an overview of who has been drafted to each brand thus far and speculate about potential new matchups. Also, will WWE stick to a hard roster split between brands or allow wrestlers to move between them?

AEW is setting up a "Four Pillars" four-way main event for AEW Double or Nothing. I analyze whether this is the right program based on where each wrestler has been slotted on the card.

Plus, I talk about more CM Punk sightings, the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and upcoming episodes of Dark Side of the Ring.

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