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Wrestling Observer Live: Was WCW better at Halloween than WWE?

We celebrate the spooky season on Saturday's Wrestling Observer Live so why doesn't WWE embrace Halloween?

Traditionally, WWE has done silly stuff like costumes and apple bobbing instead of doing a scary Halloween. Even though Halloween Havoc was arguably WCW's signature PPV, WWE relegated the name to NXT. 

Plus, has The Rock peaked? DC's Black Adam will open to a huge box office this weekend, but are there signs that the public is getting its fill of Dwayne Johnson's persona? What does that mean for WrestleMania and his reported showdown with Roman Reigns?

Also Bray Wyatt rambles again, Uncle Howdy is Guy Fawkes mixed with Hulk Hogan, Willow Nightingale is adorable, Jade Cargill needs a better ride, Nyla Rose is hilarious, Liv Morgan, SmackDown, Rampage, and much more.

Check it out.

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