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Wrestling Observer Live: Kevin Owens, Jay Briscoe thoughts, Mutoh vs. Naito

It's Saturday so that means another packed 40-minute edition of Wrestling Observer Live.

We touch on the real-life tragedy that saw Jay Briscoe pass away earlier this week. In this case, the tragedy isn't that he didn't get to spend his life on the road away from his community and family. Life isn't your job and the outpouring of love and respect is worth more than any world championship. 

We shift back to pro wrestling and talk about the "reheatability" of Kevin Owens. We know he's going to lose at next Saturday's WWE Royal Rumble, but we don't care.

Given the return of Vince McMahon, we should all start wearing bracelets that say WWNKD (What Would Nick Khan Do?)

Plus, Mutoh vs. Naito, Okada, Kiyomiya, NOAH-NJPW, Mercedes Mone, WWE SmackDown, WWE Raw XXX, and much more.

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