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JNPO: WardLOW, QT Marshall Twitter war, fallout show rules

After a two-month break, Josh Nason's Punch-Out has returned following last week's head-scratching edition of AEW Dynamite.

Joining me is past guest Jesse Collings of Wrestlenomics and Voices of Wrestling.

The main focus is Wardlow, who lost the TNT title on Dynamite just days after regaining it at Revolution. After last year's Double or Nothing win over MJF, I felt like he was tabbed for stardom in AEW. Then, we got what we got. We discuss the timeline with some differing opinions on where things went wrong or if they were even destined to go right to begin with.

We then delve into the bizarre Twitter war between AEW vice president & wrestler QT Marshall and Wrestling Inc.'s Raj Giri, and whether it's a bad look for a company VP to be conducting himself in such a manner on a public forum.

We also talk about my personal rules/desires for PPV fallout shows, whether ROH HonorClub numbers are disappointing, taking WWE for granted for their levels of production, and more.

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