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JNPO: Pro wrestling year in review - The grand finale

I regret to inform you that the Josh Nason's Punch-Out journey through the year that was in pro wrestling has arrived at its final stop.

And while the topics covered this week did just happen less than 40 days ago, there's still a lot to sift through from the final 31 days of 2022 -- 90 minutes worth.

Joining me for this look at December is Davie Portman of POST Wrestling and co-host of the Poisonrana podcast (the former upNXT) with Braden Herrington.

The headline doesn't just indicate the grand finale of this year's series, but for that of William Regal in AEW and Mandy Rose in NXT. We discuss the much different situations about their departures and what led to them.

We discuss the beginning of the Vince McMahon power play to return to WWE as that news emerged in December as did legal demands from two women wanting financial restitution for McMahon allegedly assaulting them.

The rumblings of Sasha Banks heading to NJPW began as we approached some closure (we think?) from she and Naomi walking out of WWE in April.

We talk the great action from ROH Final Battle and the womp womp announcement about their upcoming (?) TV product that followed.

Plus, the best of the rest from WWE, AEW, Japan, Impact, the indies, and more.

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