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JNPO: The life & wrestling times of AEW's JD Drake

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A Josh Nason's Punch-Out bucket list guest can now be crossed off the list as wrestling veteran and AEW roster member JD Drake makes his debut.

For twenty years, Drake has been working in wrestling rings around the world, either solo or with longtime partner Anthony Henry of The WorkHorsemen.

Here's a few thread from our near-hour long conversation:

  • His thoughts on his near-two year run in AEW and whether he's happy with how things have gone
  • The decision to reunite with Henry after he was released by WWE
  • His approach to dealing with unruly fans at shows, especially those who say bigoted things
  • His recent Twitter comments about NXT's Josh Briggs
  • His path to improving his mental health and standing up for himself
  • Some crazy travel stories
  • How he chooses what indies he works with among his 70+ matches a year and the process of telling an indie promoter that he can't work a show due to an injury or double booking with AEW

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