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JNPO: Ariel Helwani on Tony Khan AEW controversy, Triple H WWE interview criticism, CM Punk

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24 hours after his comments on his interview with AEW head Tony Khan went viral on wrestling Twitter, Ariel Helwani makes his serendipitous debut on Josh Nason's Punch-Out.

In our 35-minute talk and our first podcast together in ten years, we hit on the following topics:

  • His reaction to the reaction about his comments on the Khan interview being "one of the most frustrating and not so fun interviews" of his career
  • His specific reaction to Dave Meltzer & Bryan Alvarez's comments on WOR
  • Would he interview Khan again?
  • An exclusive on a story pitch he made regarding Khan
  • Has he talked to CM Punk since the events of All Out?
  • The narrative that he throws WWE talent softballs in interviews
  • Why he didn't ask Paul Levesque about the Vince McMahon allegations in their sit-down interview
  • An exclusive on his status with BT Sport
  • His experience attending his first AEW show
  • His other controversy about ranch vs. blue cheese with buffalo wings

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