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JNPO: AEW Q1 investors call with Wrestlenomics' Brandon Thurston

Roughly a month after every financial quarter ends, WWE (like other publicly traded companies) holds a quarterly call for investors and analysts where they announce how they did financially. The call, and the reports issued prior, include key performance indicators and plenty of detailed information on attendance, merchandise sales, and other interesting factoids if you want to really dive in.

Analysts ask questions, high-ranking executives answer, and investors & the stock market do their thing like they always do.

After listening into one of these calls last year, I jotted down a note that read ‘AEW investors call.’ I had the idea that as viewers and media, we spend a lot of time investing thoughts and words about wrestling’s top challenger brand to WWE so why not do something similar with the information we have available to us?

That's why I tabbed Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics to be my co-host for this endeavor. This is the launch of what I hope will be quarterly conversations where we look at everything business-wise from the last quarter and where things might be going: ratings, attendance, KPI, new deals and everything in-between.

If you would like the KPI document Brandon put together, subscribe to Wrestlenomics for just $5/month to get access to that and a ton of other great stuff.

Let us welcome you to our first-ever AEW investors call covering Q1 of 2023.

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