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Portland Wrestlecast: Tales from the Territories with The Grappler

The Portland Wrestlecast returns with some Tales from the Territories.

"The Grappler" Len Denton, just off recording the Portland-focused episode of the Vice TV show, talks about his experience on the set and some of the stories you can expect when the episode airs. 

Plus, Denton talks about how he and Roddy Piper changed what had been a very traditional territory. There's also a wild and classic story about the time Curt Hennig got his AWA title held up in Portland and why a second match never happened which you will want to hear.

(Listener note: It takes a minute or so for Denton's signal to improve on his phone. It's not terrible, but it gets better.)

There are lots of great tales from the Portland territory on this episode so check it out!

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