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Left My Wallet free podcast: Rocky Romero on NJPW U.S. tour

'Left My Wallet' returns with a free episode featuring New Japan Pro Wrestling superstar Rocky Romero.

Rocky and I talk about his love of the Los Angeles Clippers, going to games, and their outlook for this year from the native Southern Californian. The talk then turns to UFC as we discuss last week's McGregor/Cerrone fight, what's next for McGregor, and what upcoming matchups he is anticipating most. We also discuss his love of early UFC, Tito Ortiz, and watching Pride/UFC cards with Samoa Joe.

We then talk about music and the impetus for him becoming involved in writing and recording, his Sneaky Style album, his musical inspirations, late 80s and early 90s hip-hop, and the one song that had him sold on becoming a lifelong hip-hop fan.

Finally, he talks about the upcoming New Japan US tour, interesting matchups, and the new markets NJPW is visiting. There's also some Minoru Suzuki talk, the time Romero got to work with the legend, and the time he also almost wrestled Kyoshi Tamura.

If you've never checked out my podcast here on the website, it's a show unlike any other as I talk to workers and personalities within the wrestling business about sports, music, action figures, entertainment, and more. It's a nice change of pace from the standard wrestling talk and gives the sports and music fan a pleasant departure from the norm.

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