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Figure Four Online top 50 podcast moments of 2022, part three

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The Figure Four Online top 50 podcast moments from 2022 series has arrived. Hear some of the best clips from the past year's Wrestling Observer Radio, Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan & Vinny, Filthy Four Daily and plenty more.

In this final installment, hear moments 1 through 17 as voted by our listeners. Thanks to subscriber Philippe Perez for putting this together as he does every year.

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17. Duke Hudson Causes Vinny to Self-Mutilate
16. Too Many Babies
15. Trout Slapping
14. Raw Is Crowd Sweetening
13. Choosing (And Burying) New Bryan & Vinny Show Themes
12. Bobby Fish Rap/Whaleverez
11. You Forwarded Me This Email and I Didn't Even Want to Read It
10. Vinny Doesn't Go For A Walk, Goes To Bed Instead/They Stole Your Car!
9. Vince McMahon Theatre
8. Bryan vs Elementary School Kids vs Snow
7. A Word From Our Sponsor
6. Boston Crab/Max Dupri and FACE
5. Braun Strowman Is Dumb
4. Broken Dicks and Bony Cocks
3. Bryan's Adventures in Credit Fraud
2. Dining With Dave
1. Bo Dabbles/Dave Meltzer's Worst Matches/Wrestle Load

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