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Figure Four Online top 50 podcast moments of 2022, part one

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The Figure Four Online top 50 podcast moments from 2022 series has arrived. Hear some of the best clips from the past year's Wrestling Observer Radio, Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan & Vinny, Filthy Four Daily and plenty more.

In this first installment, hear moments 34 through 50 as voted by our listeners. Thanks to subscriber Philippe Perez for putting this together as he does every year.

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50. Bonin'/Porkin'/Snow Woes
49. Rigging The Reno Riggins
48. Lesbians Think Tom Is a Werewolf
47. Did Char or Storm Win?-Ridiskee-Triple Hitch-The Million Dollar D
46. Jim Valley's Roast Of Ric Flair
45. The Return Of Robot Dave
44. Vinny Still Hates Camera Cuts
43. Rick Boogs Eats Cat Food to Put on Weight
42. Craig’s Favourite Quote From the Simpsons
41. Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake March to WrestleMania- A Dramatic Reading
40. The Ode To Rob Bartlett
39. You Look Like a Fucking Little Kid in a Halloween Costume
38. Mike Commandeers The Show
37. The North Pole/Newman/Madeline the Hun vs Tom Jones
36. Saving The Observer
35. Dave’s “I Told You So” Re- Punk & Cabana in AEW
34. Vinny Transcribes an NXT Backstage Promo 

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