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Fight Game: Did Triple H make a big mistake?

John LaRocca and I are back with a brand new Fight Game Podcast.

We kicked off the show with our thumbs up/thumbs down segment which led to a bigger discussion around WWE bringing in a third World title. Is this Triple H's biggest mistake so far being lead of WWE creative?

We then moved on to our big picture look at AEW Dynamite:

  • Orange Cassidy being the best booked babyface in AEW
  • Wardlow and Arn Anderson
  • The backward booking of the Four Pillars
  • Roderick Strong's AEW introduction
  • Taya Valkyrie not being booked like a proper babyface when the entire storyline was set for her to be one
  • The insanity that is The Elite vs. the Blackpool Combat Club

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