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Fight Game: The Bloodline love triangle takes a turn

John LaRocca and I are back with a brand new Fight Game Podcast.

We kicked things off with our thumbs up/thumbs down segment, followed by our reactions to seeing The Bloodline storyline with Sami Zayn in WWE take another turn.

We also talked about John Cena's burial of Austin Theory and the interesting way WWE connected Cena and Cody Rhodes.

We then gave our thoughts on the Revolution fallout edition of AEW Dynamite, looking at it from a big picture perspective.

Some of the specifics discussed:

  • The purpose of a post-PPV TV show
  • How some of the young wrestlers who got wins at the PPV didn't get great follow-ups
  • How Dynamite in Sacramento felt like a go-home show for Dynamite in Winnipeg
  • Powerhouse Hobbs' TNT title win over Wardlow and who it was good for
  • How next week's show looks

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