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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Show: The battle between Jim Wilson & Jim Barnett

This "From the Pages of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter" edition of the DragonKing Karl Classic Wrestling Show is less of an obituary for Jim Wilson, who was a rather minor footnote in wrestling history, and more of an extensive history of Jim Barnett-era pro wrestling. 

Wilson, a college football standout in Georgia, became a pro wrestler and claimed to have been considered as a future NWA World champion. However, he also claimed his career was derailed by Barnett with whom he would feud with and battle in court for the rest of his life. He even wrote a book called Chokehold detailing his experiences.

This story touches on tons of history from Australia to Georgia to WCW. This is an incredible history piece from Dave Meltzer of which I also had some personal involvement.

Hear that and more on this week's DragonKing Karl show.

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